Most of the time you photograph what you see and the purpose of the photo is to show what you actually saw. And that must be sharp or partly sharp (to create a depth of field). That is not what this website is about.

Blur Of The Moment is about motion and blur. Creating motion in photos serves the purpose of capturing the dynamic and energetic aspects of a scene.

It can convey a sense of action, excitement, or movement, adding a dynamic element to the composition. Motion blur can also be used creatively to portray the passage of time or to create a sense of artistic expression. It adds a dreamy or ethereal effect, or conveys a sense of mystery.

Blurriness can also be intentional to emphasize certain elements or create a more abstract composition. Ultimately, the purpose of creating blurry photos is to explore different artistic expressions and evoke emotions in the viewer.


I am Pieter Janssen, a photographer living in Hoi An, Vietnam. Besides commercial work I also teach photography on my photo tours, via Hoi An Photo Walks, also known as Photo Voyager.

In the past my work has appeared in magazines and books and I even did the occasional exhibition. also known as Photo Voyager

For any questions or work requests, please send me a message at tours@photo-voyager.com