Japanese Business Class

When walking around near downtown Hoi An I frequently saw Japanese teenagers trying to promote businesses such as restaurants and tailors. I often wondered what this was about, until one day I was contacted by miss Hitomi Fujii, representing the Japanese company Tabi-Musha Inc. She asked me if I would like to cover one of their projects.

In short, every year a few groups of Japanese students visit Hoi An, as part of their studies: business. At the Central Electric Power College they worked in groups of three-four people to develop business plans and at various locations they put their plans into practice. They would approach tourists walking by, trying to persuade them to either shop or eat at the establishment they were allocated. In the meantime they would do research by asking potential clients what they thought about their presentation, ideas and execution.

At the end of their stay each group presented their project in front of their fellow students and the teachers. There was only one winner, no second or third place. This resulted in happiness and tears.